The Volcanic eye chapter one part two

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The Volcanic eye chapter one part two

Quick go grab some food for her she hissed at Cinder. He nodded quietly and spread his wings. He lunged from the ledge soaring up towards the crevasse opening. A small horn poked through the egg shell. Then a wing. And then a talon, until all that was missing was the wyvernets head. She gently plucked the eggshell off the infants head, and then she almost dropped it. Her eyes (it was female) were unsettlingly navy blue. And her scales were the exact same pattern as the egg like a cracked volcanic crater. And the strangest part was that she was faintly glowing in the moonlight. A sort of heat was radiating off her thin scales as if the Fire inside her was trying to escape. The baby cooed and warbled indistinguishably. She flopped over and a smoky smell filled the air when the Wyvernet righted herself the grass under her was chared and dead. Magma scales! There had been no trace of that in over a century! What was she gonna tell Cinder!

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