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Shut up, Andrewsarchus is not better and i refuse to believe it.

How to tame a Velonasaur:

1. Prepare.

You Need:

A Harpoon Gun with Net Projectiles

Longneck and Tranq Darts

(optional)A Riot Shield, color it red, white and blue so you feel like Captain America

Superior Kibble

2. Find a good Velonasaur, watch out! They usually spawn in pairs.

3. Avengers!….Assemble…

Use the shield to block the incoming needles, when you see an opportunity, shoot at it with the Net Gun…you can also just sneak up on it and fire at it.

4. Knock it out with Tranq Darts

5. Feed it Superior Kibble, give it Narcotics if it’s close to waking up

6. Name your Velonasaur! They have a good melee attack, however they can also shoot needles out of their neck frills. Make sure to level up Health, Stam and Melee.

- Tatakae5339

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