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Very handy and one of my favourite by far. They're just a walking spiky raptor that has multiple abilities similar to how the Theri does and is just a war machine. To tame you just have to wait until it's stationary in its turret mode, (Where it's face opens up and begins shooting) and begin spinning around it as it is very slow. Or just trap it. Either way, I used shock darts and got it out in 3. Just feed it meat and wait.

Once you take it you'll soon see its ability and power, and as far as suggested upgrades, I'd advise leveling up health, damage and stam most, but be generous to speed as well as it is naturally slow.

The abilities go as follow. (Xbox)

Right Stick (Press) (R3) - Thrash

Spins around lashing tail and head shooting darts in a 360° arc around you quickly.

Left Bumper (Press Once) (LB) - Activate Sentry

Opens his face and slows you in which you can begin to shoot spins extremely fast in an accurate direction. Press again to deactivate.

*IN SENTRY* Right Trigger (Hold) (RT) - Shoot

Once in sentry mode, hold RT and aim in the direction to furiously mow down anything that looks at you the wrong way.

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