Reddening Forests Chapter 2

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Reddening Forests Chapter 2

Rogue looked at the figure approaching him in the tree and readied himself to pounce on them until he noticed it was one of is distant friends, Sly. He grumbled something to himself as Sly batted him on the back with his paws. "Sly not now" he snapped at the younger Thylacoleo. Sly nodded saltily and positioned himself to pounce at whatever passed below. Soon the trees began to shake as a Brontosaur passed below them, carrying important cargo and miscellaneous wares. Sly noticed a figure on the bronto and instinctively leapt down onto it to explore, Rogue called for him before he saw the younger Thyla running into the forest with a dodo in his jaws as a human angrily chased him. Rogue huffed and watched the convoy move away as he waited for Sly to return.

Late in the afternoon, Sly still hadn't returned, Rogue guessed that he just decided to be elsewhere rather than bothering him. He crawled onto the thickest branch on the tree and settled down on it.

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