*tposes aggressively*

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*tposes aggressively*

Anyways this is my first fan fic I'm gonna be writing here so here I go, probably trash but lol - Redwood chad

Reddening Forests Chapter 1

The sun had begun to rise in the horizon as Rogue woke up. He glanced around hazily before clambering up the side of the tree and looking into the forest below.

A few hours had passed before he managed to capture a pteranodon in his claws though something seemed off about his prey as he was tearing into it. There was a tough hide saddle on the deceased pteranodon. Rogue flicked an ear and looked into the depths of his home as loud stomping shook the floor. He leapt up the tree and watched from above as a Rex passed the tree with a human on its back. Usually humans would fear the redwoods due to the hostility of the Red Woods but this one was brave enough to explore the bloodbathed forest. Rogue huffed and watched the human meander away before he heard something scratching its way up the tree.

Evil cliffhanger >:D (ps these might be delayed due to school or inactivity D:)

Also no I am not Swamp Guy and I will never be as good as them lol (Sorry if this sounds like I'm guilt tripping lol)

- Redwood chad

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