Reddening Forests Chapter 3

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Reddening Forests Chapter 3

Rogue was jolted awake in the middle of the night as the redwood tree he was asleep on began to plummet towards the ground. He leapt off of it before a loud snap came from the fallen tree. Scampering off into the darkness, he crouched behind a rock to survey the damage to the tree and see what might've caused it. A human was taking chunks of the thick wood from the tree while a familiar face waited for the human silently, a saddle over its back. Rogue slunk towards the human before attempting to catch them but he missed. The human leapt away in terror and leapt onto their mount, riding off into the forest. He watched the human leave before heading towards the swamp to get a drink. He lapped up the water before returning to the fallen tree. He looked at the moon before curling up and waiting for the sun to rise.

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