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Claws the great

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Claws the great

(Pleas note this takes place in modded ark)

I first encountered claws a lowly level 1. I new I could tame it but there was also a carno level 4 so I devised a plan to make both creatures fight as so I may tame the winner. The Therizino Ripped the carno to shreds with his bare claws as I watched. I new I must have this creature so I want home to my base and gathered some tranque arrows. I was only a low level back then so the best weapon I had was a bow. After some hard work I managed to KO the great beast. As he tamed I thought back to my other creatures. I had two male raptors who I had tamed as twins. The day I tamed them the took on a drackolin of pyria to defend me and won. I named them Copper and Cast Iron to honor them. My compy I had found killing a moschops on its own. And my Dilo Dead Meat I had tried to use to tame a trodon but he won despite being lower level. I knew the thery would fit right in. The therezino tamed quickly with the help of some tame helper. I decided to name him claws because of the massive bladed nails attached to his hands. After about a day of taming him A great Smerzinberg Of Pyria attacked my base. It was quickly subdued and killed by Claws and the twins. Even my lystro got in on the action. The next trial to find my base would be no easy feat though. About an hour later a karcanose decided to lay wast to all I had worked so hard to build. In battle I lost all my tames but one, who Slayed the Karcanose with a mighty strike. Claws had defended my base and secured his position as my best warrior. RIP Copper, Cast Iron, Compy, and Dead Meat. πŸ‘†If you want another update on Claws.

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