We ran and ran.

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We ran and ran. We were lost. Lost and scared in the woods, practically begging to be snacked on by Terror birds, Allosaurus or Carnotaurus. It didn't help that the sky was getting darker by the minute.

"I told you going into Redwoods was a bad idea!" Josh complained.

"Look man, it was either that or the swamp." I told him.

"We should've just gone back and accepted our time as prisoners, in fact it would've been best if we stayed there in the first place rather than constantly get chased and lost." He complained.

"It doesn't even matter anymore, we go back now and they'll execute us. At least we actually have a chance of survi-"

Josh jumped. "Shush." He looked around the area, with a sweaty look on his face as if he just ran an hour long marathon. I force his hand off my mouth and checked a very suspicious looking bush. I equipped my spear and poked it, then a Terror Bird jumped out the brush.


I didn't have time to reply. I was busy fending off the Terror Bird with the spear, but it was too agile and I was too slow. I keep attempting to poke but it jumps back before I can strike. After 5 failed pokes, it finally rushed me down.

Josh stood there in fear before snapping back to reality and grabbing his spear, but another Terror Bird had jumped him and tore his gloves and shirt, both made from the hacked skin of dinosaurs we killed the other day.

I used my spear to block the Terror Bird that had rushed me, but it snapped it in two with ease. It tore my shirt and cut through my skin like a knife and butter. The blood spilled, and the Terror Bird tried to scratch my face, but I managed to dodge it just in time. While it was repositioning itself, I took advantage of the broken spear and shoved one piece into its chest. It screeched in pain and backed up as its own blood soaked its feathers. Soon enough, it falls down and panics as it gives me a quick glance. I could see the regret and humiliation in its eyes. It tried to get up and escape as fast as it could, but I wouldn't allow it. I struck the next piece into its brain, putting it out of its misery, and instantly stopping the pained squawks. I pull both parts of the spear out and throw them at the Terror Bird which was trying to get to Josh as he blocked with his spear. It was dead the next second.

Me and Josh took a breath and tried to get ourselves together, but not soon did another come. Luckily, it was chasing a poor deer and had zero interest in us. It didn't even looked at us, it was too focused.

Despite that, Josh still threw his spear and hit the bird's body. It pierced through its back and made the bird instantly fall back.

"Why did you do that?" I questioned.

"That nasty beaked-jerk would've still came after us." He replied as he pulled out his spear. "It's getting really dark and I'm getting hungry, so let's take care o' these bodies and set up camp."

We harvested the meat and hacked their skin to repair our clothes. We grabbed the materials we needed and began searching.

The first place we found was a remote area filled to the brim with herbivores, but the problems was that some of them, such as the Trikes, could have been territorial and stomped the camp, so we went to the next spot.

Another choice was a cramped cave with an entrance so small, not even a Terror Bird could fit. Unfortunately, the cave turned out to have poisonous gas because when we went in the entrance, the air immediately began to sink away. It had horrible smell, and caused us both immense coughing and so we had to abandon it immediately.

Now it was so dark that torches didn't do much in terms of light. They had very little sight of what's even in front of them, and worse part is that they heard a Rex roar nearby.

They couldn't see, and searching would have become increasingly difficult and dangerous, with no idea where they're going, they could end up in the swamp or in a river with piranha and a Spino. So they had to set camp under a peaceful little tree. They began to make their sleeping bags and put wood on the fire to cook the meat, only problem is that it wouldn't light up.

It frustrated me more and more, and I couldn't think of what I was doing wrong. I was scraping two rocks against each other the hardest I could, it would spark but no fire would come up.

"Come on, stupid rocks! Get the fire going so we can eat!" Apparently, fire was a deterrent against wild animals and most dinosaurs, so it was CRUCIAL to get the fire going.

Josh snatched the rocks out my hands.

"You doofus, you're scraping the wrong way. The sparking faces towards your shirt, it's a good thing there was no fire."

He managed to start the fire I was struggling to light up with ease, and then we put the meat on the campfire, and waited for it to cook.

We picked up camp in the morning and went to go search to find a safer, warmer place to set up. We took the cooked meat and some wood with us, but not the campfire.

And the search began.

Chapter 2 soon(Allo page)

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