{A New Home; Chapter 3} I chased it away from the river…

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{A New Home; Chapter 3} I chased it away from the river that separated the Redwoods from the mountains. It panted and ran as fast as it could, so fast that I couldn't catch it, and I had run out of stamina way before it could.

What it didn't know though, is that I accounted for that, and I have a plan to counter it. I lead it into the bushes, where Josh jumps out and pierces it with his spear. It struck the deer's foot, which disabled its ability to run. It tried to get away, but the poor animal could only limp. It only took a poke to the side to finish it off, and we harvest its meat and put it on the campfire.

"Mmm, finally some real food." Josh said with his mouth full. "I was getting tired of being a vegetarian."

"Don't talk with your mouth full, it's disgusting. You could spit food everywhere!" I remarked.

Josh rolled his eyes and continued eating. It was nice to finally have some cooked meat after eating nothing but carrots and berries. Sometimes, whatever little meat we had gotten, we had to eat raw due to the campsite just not being even remotely safe. However, this little spot that we picked out to set camp at seemed rather peaceful.

"Ya know, sometimes the Redwoods isn't too bad. I mean, I know it's super dangerous with raptors that wanna pounce you and Terror birds that wish to tear you apart, but it has some pretty nice views." Josh said.

"Hmm, you're not wrong. It does have some nice views, but it's just the question of if it's worth it."

He sat quiet for a while, wondering if it was really worth all the trouble for some pretty sights that were candy to the eye.

"Nah." He decided. "Just saying, though, it does have some nice views. It's just not worth it." He wasn't wrong though.

"I just wonder about one thing..."

"Hmm, what's that?" Josh asked with a mouthful of meat again.

"How do people set up bases in the redwoods? They really risk being torn by Terror birds as soon as they walk out base for some air?" I questioned.

Before he could respond, we hear a spine-chilling roar that made us want to sh-- ourselves. Not long after, we hear the sounds of a nearby Brontosaurus falling to the ground, lifeless.

"Oh no!"

I packed our stuff as fast as I could. Josh helped especially. I got stuff like the meat, wood and thatch while he took care of the beds, flint and stone.

We ran away from the direction in which the roar came from, however the terror didn't stop there. We heard footsteps behind us, big and heavy. We could hear the beast's breath that only got louder by the second.

I snapped and threw away all the heavy stuff like the wood and stone so we could run faster without being so weighed down, and just in time. As soon as I did, the Rex had snapped and nearly bit me, and I would have died.

We could almost outrun the Rex and we maneuvered around a few trees to attempt to slow it down, but it only made it angrier.

The Rex was persistent. The smell of the meat cooking on top of our campfire must have lured it in to attack us, damn it!

Two Terror birds suddenly attempted to block us off, but they were too slow and missed by a few seconds. They were right in front of the Rex, and turned their heads in regret as they get crushed by the pursuing Rex.

It chased us like there was no tomorrow, following us around every corner, being just one step behind. However, me and Josh began to get really tired, and while running around a tree, we fell to the ground, exhausted. The Rex was still onto us, and growled in our faces. As it opens its huge jaws that had around 70 teeth, I threw every single last stack of meat we had, past it. The Rex turns around quickly and chases after, giving me and Josh time to escape. We reached the edge of the swamp, and fell to the ground.

"Damn it, that was our food!" Josh complained.

"Would you rather get your a$$ eaten by a Rex?! We can live without meat, you pesky child!" I was tired and frustrated.

Our faces were covered in sweat, hyperventilating, neither of us wanted to argue with each other. We got up and went back into the Redwoods and laid underneath a Redwoods Sapling. We closed our eyes, and before I knew it-


(Chapter 4 soon, Pegomastax page)

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