Bullied by raptors.

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Bullied by raptors.

Loved by dilos.

Craved by bugs.

Chased down by every carnivore in existence.

It doesn't have strong legs and a sleek body like Gallimimus.

It doesn't have a tanky but fast build like Moschops.

It doesn't have armor like an Anky,

Horns like a Trike,

Stamina like a Parasaur,

Flying like a Pteranodon,

Or jaws like a Terror bird..

It would seem the dodo exists, just to be eaten,

As sweet treats for predators.

One dilo even said; "They are very tasty snacks, and best part is that it's so cheap to get yet so abundant at the same time."

Even the Oviraptor laughs at how pathetically easy it is to get their eggs.

How are they NOT endangered?

The power of DODO

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