The Rex's heart beat fast. It looked at its pen again

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The Rex's heart beat fast. It looked at its pen again

For what seems like the final time before

The Big War.

She took a big deep breath

As she entered the field

The Field of Death.

Dinosaurs charged at each other

Ballista bolts flew in the air

Screams filled the atmosphere

As blood was drawn.

The Rex and rider looked at each other

It was clear they both understood

There was slim chance of surviving

And that this could be either

Their dawn of reign

Or their end.

There was no time for sorries

There was no time for goodbyes

There is nowhere to run

Only one direction remained

And it was forward.

Into the field

Into the death

But they have no choice

But to fight 'til their last breath.

The Big War went on

For what felt like ages

But it was actually just a few minutes

Of such blood and death.

She charged at the structures

Her rider destroyed the buildings

More dinosaurs came

And the turrets shot.

Dodged the first,

Dodged the next,

All as she fought the other dinosaurs

And her rider fought off the tribe.

They were outnumbered

But they were skilled

Though it only took one Ballista bolt

To make the kill.

Attempted to dodge but she tired

Her legs sprained

And her neck ached

From fighting all the dinosaurs

That had come at them

She had weakened

And failed to maneuver.

The rider watched behind the tribe

As his best friend had fallen to the ground

Covered in her own blood

Before he was soon

Covered in his.

He looked at his poor Rex

Being taken away

To be put down

With tears in his eyes

He never even got to say goodbye.

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