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I lost my Tapejara thanks to a dumbass Parasaur. So, I was going back home after taming a Spino. While admiring the beauty of Sam the Spino, I ran straight into a Tapejara and guess what? It got stuck between some trees. I bola'd it and knocked it out. I felt like I was on top of the world. Then came night time and since I was on the beach, there wasn't much that could pose a threat to me and I got lenient (remember this is an unplanned encounter). I saw some troodons quite a distance away. Now here's when sh*t hit the fan; the troodons start chasing a parasaur and I remember thinking, "Man it would suck if that parasaur ran towards me haha." And I sh*t you not, as if it had HEARD my brainwaves, it then proceeds to run towards me, the troodon then aggros on tapejara, I attack the troodon, my dinos attack said troodon and then, bigass Spino the goddamn Sam kills my Tapejara in the ensuing chaos. And that's how I went from feeling like the world's luckiest guy to the unluckiest in the span of 2 minutes.

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