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Pteranodon: Oh come on, Tapy! Humans aren’t so bad as you may think! I have witnessed them taming some of my kind on occasion and it’s never too bad...

Tapejara: Yeah, well? You don’t know what you are talking about! I’ve seen them mercilessly slaughter the heck out of other animals. They are BAD!

Pteranodon: No their not! They have to do that or they wouldn’t last a day!

Tapejara: Well, what about all the times you leave your eggs in obvious spots and then humans come and find them and pick them up thinking it’s no big deal?

Pteranodon: ...Umm... Well, I mean that part about them does anger me a little, especially when they fight back trying to keep the egg, but their pretty forgiving. Although that may be different depending upon the individual.

Tapejara: Which is why I can’t trust them!

Pteranodon: ...Okay, listen big guy. I don’t care how fancy you look. You need to loosen up about humans. Just let one tame you and you’ll see how good it feels.

Tapejara: ...

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