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How to tame a sarco for beginners

Step one: find a place where they spawn in single amounts but uncommonly (I prefer the hidden lake and some bodies of water near the red obelisk since I don't go there very often, giving time for them to spawn, but they can spawn near the south island with the large arch)

Step two: make them waste their "stamina" (in reality its their food) in water

-There is a chance that if you stand still in the water, it will just circle around you and not be able to attack you

-Their health will start to drain if they are starved too much

Step three: knockout

-You can circle around the sarco if you have decent movement speed, going behind its back leg and repeatedly hitting it with a club

-This may take a couple of tries since they now have a lunge mechanic and you may run out of stamina

Step four: taming

-You can grab a few stacks of raw meat and watch as it gets tamed in under a minute

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