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How to tame a sarco:

1. Craft bow and tranq arrows (if you’re a starter and you use wooden bat, you’ll just end up getting eaten)(Narcotics+stone arrow)

2. Find a sarco (not too high level or you might die) in a swamp or something. (I spawned in the Arctic when I didn’t mean to, so that’s where I got mine)

3. Get on a high rock or get it stuck and shoot it, shoot it, shoot it

4. Watch it’s corpse fall

5. Put meat/kibble in inventory (I suggest raw prime meat)

6. Wait and kill some more things

7. Name him/her sarco I (the first)

8. Don’t make him/her kill dimorphodons (Sarco I almost died)

9. Make a saddle for your sarco (a saddle for your sarco)

10. Swim and play everyday

Listen to the tips. They may just save your life.

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