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Sarcos: all you need to know

Sarcos are strong early-mid game mounts that work as great tanks and defenders. They are best used in beaches and swamps, due too their fast speed in water, but slow speed on land. To tame a Sarco it’s best to used traqs since they have high melee. Get one trapped (which is very easy), build a trap, or simply walk backwards or hover on a flying mount. The dangers of taming a Sarco is, of course, it’s powerful jaws and tendency to leap out of nowhere. You have to watch out for the other creatures as well. Especially the jumpy saber Sarco. Once nocked feed it RAW FISH meat as it take almost 5x less to tame then reg meat. Once you have this guy craft a saddle and ride this terrifying beast! On another note, to kill a Sarco, simply shoot it or bombard it. They are really bad when attacked by multiple strong targets so use that to ur advantage. Hope this was helpful! 100 ^ for more!

-Sarco Master 🐊

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