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Easiest and safest way to tame a sarco:

Tame a paracer(the weird giraffe things) and equip it with a platform saddle. Get everything you need to tame the sarco. I recommend finding the one you want to tame before you go in. Once you spot the sarco kill everything hostile in the area including kapros,titanaboas, and raptors, but NOT OTHER SARCOS. Once it’s safe turn your paracer around so that it’s facing back you way you came out of the swamp. Then dismount and run to the back of the platform to make sure the sarco is aggroed on you. Then remount the paracer and run out of the swamp. Once you’re think you’ve gone far enough turn the paracer so that the sarco is now charging towards its side. Run to the edge of the platform and shoot tranquilizers at it. The sarco is aggroed to you and not your paracer so there is no danger for your paracer. Since it’s turn radius is horrible it won’t be able to escape once it starts to torpor run. Now you can safely hop down and begin taming it.

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