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Despite their aggressiveness and hit damage they are actually really easy to kill/tame but ima talk more about killing becuse I haven’t actually tamed one yet (I could but I don’t have the time) Ok so you see a sarco near ur camp. Your alone, and a little bit to far for your pets/ teammates to hear or see you. You want to impress them so you engage the monster. First: run to the tale or hip of the beast, preferably with out it seeing you. It is a very slow turner so as long as you keep to its side it won’t kill you. Second: 1; if you are taming it hit it with a club, 2; if you are trying to kill it hit it with your best melee weapon. Third: repeat second step until the sarco is nocked out or dead. If you wanna tame I think the best thing is to use soothing balm and a few pieces of raw or prime meat. Ok now it’s time for a T.R.A.F. (Totally Random Ark Fact) If you have a pet you are not using for hunting set their aggressive to neutral. That way the only thing they attack are things that are attacking them or other pets. It’s great for egg farm animals and show pets so they have less chance of dying. If they stay on attack target they will not attack anything unless you are attacking it too. Even if it’s attacking them. Bye!! Please press 👍🏻 So noobs can see.

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