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super easy to tame! i have 3 of these now so here's a short guide:

1. make a raft. put any storage container on it with a simple bed. this is just a precaution in case you die in the process (which you shouldnt!)

2. pop some spare food into your storage if you want, as well as some extra meat. your safest option is to take about 2 stacks.

3. get some tranq arrows. alot if you want to be safe. around 10 is a good amount though. there isnt really a way of telling the level without being up close so it's best to take as many as you can. make a new bow (you dont want it to break mid-fight)

4. take your raft and go find a sarco! they spawn mainly at the southern islands and in swamps.

5. park your raft a little bit away from the sarco and plod on over!

6. firstly, dont panic when it starts coming over. panic is what makes you sarco dinner. secondly, lure the sarco onto land - theyre waayyy slower inland than in water. still, keep your distance.

7. just keep shooting it with tranq arrows until it's down. if you run out, run for your life and try again another day.

8. once it's down, starve tame it. you dont want to risk losing any precious meat. they usually take about 8 minutes.

9. protect the sarco at all costs! things might come and try and attack you - especially at night. dont let them get your lizard.

10. enjoy your tamed sarco!!

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