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on my 2nd day of ark (real time) and i saw a female sarco who looked exactly like swamp (my sarco who was killed by jellyfish in my resent world) so i made a little wooden box 4 big woden walls and a door frame i led the sarco aka swamp the 2nd and i KO it out with 2 slingshots and i has about 50 rocks of course i missed a few times it was lvl 18 just like swamp when she was killed now it’s lvl 30 and i’m lvl 27 and i also have a rex (saw blade), carno (toast), deadly trio aka my 3 raptors Ares, hunter, and the leader ivy and a parasaur (para) her boy friend died to a 140 massive chicken with big claws 😭. Dilo,(mini killer), one of those starter bird thingys (shadow bolt) , and my baba sarco i’m rasing up now named snappy and i for got how to spell it but his name means swamp in japanese he is snappy’s dad. Dada cherry and finally chicken (both dodos.) hope u enjoyed 🙂😊

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