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These guys can be found on the shores and in areas where rocks are plentiful (albeit rarely) and occasionally in the jungle areas (provided the alligator is near water). Just don’t search for spawn areas for the swamp trying to tame it as you will most likely die there if you are new. Just keep running in a circle at its tail with a bat so it can’t bite you, continually hitting it, and it will eventually get scared and try to flee. But give chase anyway (this might be hard if you haven’t upgraded your stamina too much). Other than that, it is an especially easy tame, and very reliable when tamed given its damage capabilities, especially to new players should they manage. Once knocked out just hunt for dodos to feed it and force-feed it narcotics if need be. If you can’t find them in the beaches, rocky spaces or jungles and your near water, don’t give up, just keep looking. However if your a more advanced player then gaming them in the swamp shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

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