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If you're like me without a primal pass and without a god console below level 90 you need to to this step to tame one.

1. Bring 500 biotoxin and 6-10 Allosaur kibble for level 10 Griffin and below it (Depends on the level)

2. Go to the mountain.

3. Set up the Griffin trap about 5 dino gates and 2 dino door.(you can see it on YouTube)

4. Bring also a bed and a foundation, wall and ceiling (so you can sleep without the restriction of "too bright can't sleep"

5. Find some Griffin ending with the last name as yours. If you can't find, kill all the Griffin without the last 2 letters of similar to yours. Wait and be patient kill then wait repeat until you find one with the last 2 letter of the name is similar to your name. (This method will make the Griffin respect you and you will be able to tame that Griffin)

6. Lure it to the trap

7. Shoot it with all you've got to make it unconscious.

8. Use soothing balm and Allosaur kibble

9. Feed it with biotoxin then sleep.(to skip 7 hrs time.)

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