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Do not spend ancient amber on soothing balm.

Instead do this.

1. (Optional) Get aurthoplura pet (Recommended from clever cave) you can tame a lvl 70 with one broth of enlightenment, although it is a pain getting the black pearl. It is passive tame but you can easily get close with bug repellent and ghillie armor, The aurthoplura is a good tame cuz no other animal can see it.

2. Go speedrun the caves with aurthoplura with its stealth you can easily pass any enemies.

3. Do the snow cave first (remember to bring fur) and bring about 5 sleeping bags find the artifact (you can do the entire cave with this guy place sleeping bags near artifact grab one, and then die respawn near obelisk tribute it and die again respawn back at sleeping bag and so forth. Do this until you get gas mask. (You can teleport tame out of cave).

4.head to swamp cave with buddy, gas masks and sleeping bag, do the cave (you might have to do some of it on foot so I recommend bring weapon) find artifact place sleeping bags and repeat.

You can also do this in lave cave and get acendent weapons (mastercraft if in easy) and also will not work so easily in hardcore.

Got 15 times 10 soothing balm this way

Hope this helps ;) WCKDD1


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