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If you’re in single player, Taming these will be much easier, just follow these steps.

1. Select a low lvl griffin, Lead it away from the mountian into a trap where there are no creatures

2. Place down a bed and sleep, this will cause the griffin to be starving when u KO it. (Only works in single player, in Multiplayer just leave it trapped for a few hours and dont let it kill anything)

3. Knock it out, Get soothing balm and give it to the griffin, Then get prime meat or allo kibble and give it to the griffin. Just make sure you have enough so that it tames

4. Get another low lvl griffin with the same last letters in its name that is the opposite gender.

5. Repeat the process, tame up around 2-4 females and 1 male only.

6. Breed them, make griffin kibble.

7. Repeat the process with a high lvl griffin, but use griffin kibble instead.

Quick tip: when i tamed a 290 griffin at 10x balm it needed 4 griffin kibble and at 15x balm it needed 3, if that helps.

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