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[NOTICE!] this is for people with god console. First step, build you’re trap on the top of fars peak. (Four stone gateways and two reinforced gateways) second step, find you’re griffin between lvl 1-10, when you find you’re griffin shoot it inside the cage with you’re gate open (turn on invernable) close the gate when the griffin is in and run of the open spaces. Third step, get a turret and put chain bolas in there and shoot it at the griffin. Fourth step, knock it out, you’ll need a long neck and shocking tranq darts (kill cndira for the biotoxin) when it’s knocked out starve it. Fifth step, feed it , when’s it’s starved you’ll need 20 allo kibble , raw meat and soothing balm ( I prefer 15x) the griffin will eat the food quickly since its starving. ( they fill up quickly) sixth step, wait.p, when you’re waiting put biotoxin in it so it doesn’t wake up , put on 400x speed to make it quicker (might take 20 minutes or so ) when it wakes up, BOOM got you a griffin hope this helped you.<3

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