This calculator and most of these tips are completely wrong.

1. You need allo kibble if you want bonus levels. Any other food will cause you to lose ALL bonus levels even with 15x balm.

2. You should have super fertilized allo eggs for super kibble for the best outcome. You get these from breeding allos while using carnivore pheromones.

3. It will take hours for a high level, even with 15x balm and kibble. Make sure you have time to stick it out.

4. Do not revive tame. A 145 griffin was 269 amber to revive (I was dumb. Donโ€™t be like me.) You can only revive them at an obelisk.

5. Make a trap on the mountain. If youโ€™re near the top, you should be safe from other spawns and things that could hit it while itโ€™s knocked out.

Any other tips are trolls.

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