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You might not do the same, but here's how I usually tame a Griffin.

TIPS:(make a spyglass and make sure it respects you, it will respect you if you have a gold crown, same surname, or certain level Griffin's will respect you if you are 85+ lvl)

1. Find your Griffin

2. Make the simple Griffin trap (4 stone gates & 2 reinforced gate doors) space the gates apart and put 1 reinforced door down on the front of the trap

3. Let your Griffin chase you into the trap, and if the trap has been built correctly then you should be able to get out of the gap s.

4.Make sure the Griffin is still trying to get you and go to the side of the trap, then put down your last gate at the end of the trap

5. you have a trapped Griffin

6. Knock it out with your tranqs

7. Starve it down A LOT (dododex should have the right starve timer for your Griffin) and remember to feed it A TON of bio, it's torpor goes down faster than you think.

8.once you've starved it, give it your kibble or meat.

Here's some more tips for this part of the taming: in my mobile experience I would say get a bit more food than dododex suggests, if you're using allo kibble get hundreds of it no matter the lvl. For allo and meat I would recommend any soothing balm that does 10x or more (for meat Preferably the 15x one) . Normal meat in my opinion should not be used, I tried taming a mere lvl 30 with it and it only did 0.1% each feed.

9. Tame up the Griffin, destroy your trap and boom

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