***How To Gain A Griffin's Respect?***

1_ have the same surname as the griffin. Example: If ur name is Yumir

and the griffin's name is Xyz-mir then u have the same surname

*tip* u need to be lvl 45+ with the same surname for it to respect you

2_ be level 95+ for EVERY griffin to respect you

3_Have Primal Pass and unlock Gold Crown

***How To Tame It?***

If you have done 1 of the steps in ***How To Gain A Griffin's Respect?*** and u got the griffin to respect u this is what you have to do

1_ knockout the griffin

2_ get a hide sleeping bag and sleep next to it that will bring its hunger to 0

3_feed it a 15x soothing balm

4_feed it its preferred allo egg kibble or raw prime meat

5_ wait till its tamed

6_ ride the bad boi and have fun flying ^_^

***How To Breed Griffins?***

so to breed griffins and get a fertillized griffin egg what you have to do is:

1_ get two griffins with the same surname with the opposite sex

2_ bring them somewhere safe and make sure theyre next to eachothers

3_ put them on wandering mode

4_ spam the whistle menu and stop all button

5_ keep doing No.4 till the egg comes out

6_ hatch which takes about 6 hours.

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