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So here’s a trick I have learned so I am currently taking my second griffin but here’s some tricks and tips I learn


Go run the south cave or any caves that give soothing balm

Use a trap with about 4-6 stone dinosaur gateways place one gate keep the other one

I also recommend bringing high damaging weapons to kill other animals for prime meat

You may also want an argy and upgrade speed and health


1. Find a safe area to lure the griffin and build your trap

2. After getting the griffin the respects you lure it through the open side of your trap without the gate

3. When it gets in the trap and you close the gate put the argy in front of the gate so the griffin is agro to it and quickly place the gate behind

4. Put a sleeping bag by the trap and sleep it will starve out the griffin to 0

5. After starving your griffin quickly knock it out and put in the soothing balm

6. Quickly get prime meat and feed it

How to gain a griffins respect

Have the same surname as the griffin and when your lvl 40 it will respect you with your surname

Be lvl 85 and above for low lvl griffins or 95 and above for all griffins

Have primal pass and gold crown


Have around 60 tranq darts with you just in case you never know

Tame low lvls so it will be easier to tame

Save up 100 ancient amber and get a name change ticket and scout out the griffin you want then change your name to it’s surname

Well that’s all I can think of but I hope this can help some people with taking their griffins

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