Tamed a Griffin today but lost Argie, Casca. Now Guts (my other argie) is aloneπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’” and yesssss it's a Berserk reference πŸ˜‚

what you should have:

- Allosaurus Kibble (tame 2 or 3 female Allo's to get eggs)

- Bio Toxin or Narcotics (LOTS!)

- Tranquilizer darts and toxicant arrows work best

- 4 Stone Dinosaur Gates and 2 doors

- Soothing balm (if you can get your hands on it)

- If you have not yet reached level 85+ or share the same last name with the griffin you can purchase a name change ticket to change your character's name (it works)

- Some cooked or raw prime meat just (in case)

- A fast flyer (with high health and stamina stats, trust me)


- Build a Bird trap with the Dinosaur Gateways

- place some sleeping bags (for in case you die)

- Look for the griffin with same last name or letters as yours. This is how you gain their respect (Could be "ic", "ell", "ot", etc.) So if the griffin's name is lancelot your name has to also end with "ot".

- Once you found it, Arrgo the griffin and lead it into the trap. (It might take a while for it to get in and you/your tame might take a few hits in the process).

- Once trapped , tranq it until it falls unconscious.

- Feed it some kibble (use Soothing balm to make things go faster)


And BOOM! You have yourself a griffin!

Bonus tip; you cannot tame it if it does not respect you!

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