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Y’all better thank me for giving y’all this tip, this is probably the easiest way you can tame one. Okay so first off this is only gonna work on single player mode and works better on mobile(because of ancient amber). What your gonna need is 2 thatch foundation, 2 beds, 50-100 bio toxins/narcotics, 10x or 15x soothing balm(15x soothing balm can be bought on mobile for 45 ancient amber) and 10-20 allo kibble depending on the griffin’s level(for example I tamed two griffins both level 27 with 7 allo kibble(each) using 15x soothing balm both within 10 mins). On single player mode you can obviously sleep making time pass by faster so before starting make sure you’re ready to sleep. Then what you’re gonna wanna do is pick a low level griffin of your choice (for starters and to test this method) and separate it from the other griffins and lead it somewhere safe(or inside a trap). Once you’re in a safe/low danger area you just knock it out with whatever you got. Once it’s knocked out, let it’s torpor drop around 400-800(WITHOUT putting any food let it starve). After it drops a bit add some narcotics or bio toxin to fill whatever was lost and while the torpor is rising the griffin will not lose torpor until it’s either max torpor or gains the amount of torpor you put into it. Place a bed next to your griffin and go to sleep(make sure you sleep at 8 pm/20 and sleep for 7 hours). After waking up your griffin is probably gonna lose about 250 food and feed it some bio toxins/narcotics again to max it’s torpor and then if it’s still a bit dark/really early morning go quick and place the other bed a LITTLE further and “fast” travel to the other bed that’s close by, if you’re wondering why it’s because when you fast travel it actually makes your player be able to sleep again even after your just woken up. So after that if it allows you to sleep again, sleep once more, by doing that it drops your griffins hunger even more making it consume the food a lot quicker which makes it be tamed in less than a min. If you done this the correct way then it shouldn’t take more than 15 if it’s under level 40. Then done! You got a griffin. Up if it worked out! -V

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