How to tame them almost instantly, but it comes at a great cost.

F2P Way:

1. Get 1 or 2 balm from artifact (Fastest way is from tributing hunter artifact, but before tributing save your game while you're right infront of the obelisk so you can restart again if you don't get the balm, also you can abuse this tips until you get what you wanted from a certain blueprints/items from the artifact tributing)

2. Mass tame allosaurus and make kibble from them, find them in mountains or the snow area (Optional) Use super fast quetz to travel to your base or make a temporary base around the mountains for faster kibble making

3. Find the griffins, knock and starve until their food bar is halved or completely starve them

4. Stuff a balm and the kibble up their arsch, wait for a second/minutes and enjoy your big bad bird.

P2W Way:

1. Buy a major soothing balm if you have the amber

2. Get/buy 25-50 allo kibble if you want to tame a level 100-200

3. Starve them until they're half hungry something, stuff the balm and the kibble up their arsch, done, a cool griffin for you.

I tamed mine with starve tame, balm and kibble, maybe even tame some 450 if you want with this way, it's very fast and easy if you're good but a little hard for the newbies

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