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How to tame a low lvl (1-8) griffin easy without being high lvl or having a crown. (Having god console makes thigs easier!)

You will need: 4 stone dinosaur gateways, 2 stone dinosaur gates, 200+ bio toxin, a longneck rifle with 40 darts, luck, a chefs station or a female allo, and a name with an ending if the following;


















Note: Yes, a griffin can be named...Moron.πŸ™„

Note: If you do not have a name that ended in one of these, you cannot tame a griffin without being lvl 85^, getting a crown, or getting a name change ticket.

Step 1: Gather your stuff. (If you have god console you can skip most of it and spawn it in.) (Bring 7-9 allo kibble.)

Step 2: Get a good Argy with good HP and Stamina.

Step 3: Fly to fars peak.

Step 4: Build the griffin trap. How to: Build the 4 gateways in a straight line BUT leave a small, dilo torso thick (1m) sized gap in between each gateway, and on the FIRST and LAST gateways build the gates. (If you own god console, spawn the resources in and craft them.)

Step 5: If you own god console, turn immortaility ON. Look for a low lvl griffin that respects you.

Step 6 (Optional): If you still can't find a griffin that respects you, kill some random creatures around (Ankys, sabers, etc.) It'll open more spawn slots for griffins.

Step 7: When you find a griffin that respects you, aggro it.

Step 8: Lead the low lvl griffin to your trap. Open the first gate. Walk through it with your Argy. (If you own god console, turn immortality ON.) The griffin will get stuck. Keep walking through until you're totally out. shut the back door.

Step 9: Dismount and shut the front door.

Step 10: Load your longneck with darts, and shoot the griffin with darts. If you own god console, you only need to bring one dart, and turn on infinite ammo.

Step 11: Once it's out, Feed it bio toxin to keep it unconsious. Keep it unconsious until it's hungry. If you own god console, keep spawning bio toxin and feeding it.

Step 12: Once it's hungry, use the soothing balm on it, and give it the allo kibble.

Step 13: Wait with the patience of a saint.

Step 14: WHAMMO! You have a low lvl griffin.πŸ˜€

Bonus Step (FOR GOD CONSOLE OWNERS ONLY): Level up your griffin to a good level.

Step 15: Please^if this was helpful!

πŸ’‘Tip: Search on Youtube Schwalbe or Iguana Gaming royal griffin trap to see how to build the griffin trap! πŸ˜€

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