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Its super hard to tame it in mobile but i have very very very osm trick that i recently found

1. Found one

2. Let him chase you

3. Take him to lava mountain in the middle of map

4. Then then leave him alone there for 6-7h( don't trap him caz you can't trap him for 6-7h he will get out of trap anyhow in that period so just let him fly around that mountain , don't worry he will not despawn if you go far from him)

5. Trap him after 6-7h

6. Knock him with tranq dart

7. Give him soothing balm (10x or 15 )

8. Give him kibble or prime meat

9. He will eat it in just 5 seconds because you already made him hungry and you will get a very osm dino

One up it you like!😍

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