Basics: 3 ways to earn respect: Be lvl 85-95, wear golden crown(Need Primal Pass), or have the same pronouns as it at the end of your name (Examples: -mu, -lot, -an)

Once you have found a Griffin you want, build a row of 4 stone dinosaur gateways with reinforced gates. Lead the Griffin into the trap by using a tame(Preferably a flyer) and shut the gates. And with that, the Griffin is trapped.

My suggestions. Tame low level ones before a high level one(High levels take forever to tame, so you’ll want Griffin Egg Kibble instead of Allosaurus Egg Kibble.

Fun Facts: Griffins will only mate with other Griffins of the same family as them.

You can use weapons on the backs of Griffins, which can be useful for taming Quetzals

Griffins don’t need saddles

A non-tamed Griffin that respects you will deal less damage than non-respectful ones

Griffins are cannibals.

More Royal Griffin Taming & KO Tips