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One of the most important things to remember while taming griffins, especially your first 2 to get the Griffin Kibble if you want a moderate level, is to know what spawns in the area, and to know what you have to kill. Memorising what spawns, for example, on Far’s peak on The Island, and what attacks what, is very helpful to make sure your knocked out lion-bird doesn’t die while you’re taming it. It took me a long while to figure out how to stop carnivores getting into my trap and killing my griffin while it was being a pain in the butt with the raw prime meat and allo kibble. Two creatures to kill at all costs while taming these guys on the island are the doedic and the ankylo. Literally every carnivorous animal will attack these two creatures, and you should especially kill them if they’re near your trap. Spikes would be a great idea, but they’re risky, coz if you place them too close they can injure your tame, or it can agro to them if you miss while running it in.

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