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To knock ‘em out, it’s easiest to just build a trap, even if you have one already. To tame them, I suggest 9 allosaurus kibble and the 15x soothing balm on a low level (anything under 15). Get a low lvl male and female with the same surname, breed them and use the eggs to make Griffin kibble to tame a higher level, you’ll need at minimum 3, max 9, for a 150 without soothing balm. Taming any level with allo kibble and no soothing balm is a pain. If you don’t like the idea of breeding for the eggs for the kibble, the only other way to get Griffin kibble on mobile is the tek kibble processor. As with all tek, you’ll have to run a few dungeons, or caves, but, once you have the tek kibble processor, you need at minimum, 2 bronto or 2 giga kibble, one griffin implant (the griffin it belongs too must be dead) and some eerie element, then you’re good to go. Hope this is helpful for you! 😁

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