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There are Two different way, how you can Tame a Griffin ? i'm not gonna share something , i just know . i'm gonna share my experience about Taming a griffin

#About Two way...

1. You have to get lvl-85 for lower lvl griffin (they gonna start respecting u from here) then get lvl-up for higher lvl griffin .

2. Change Your sur-name and add last 3 words from the griffin name's , which one you wanna Tame . [ N:B: Tips-2 dosen't work for some griffin (like ace'i , lendran'i) because you can't change your name like this . ]

i'm new so i just Tame Two of them... lvl-15 then lvl-55

with soothing balm (15x) lvl-15 griffin Taming scale up 18.4% per Kibble [ 100% Γ· 18.4% = 5.4 or 6 kibble needed ] and taming effectiveness decrease (0.3%) per kibble. it's take 30 minite to Tame.

with soothing balm (15x) lvl-55 griffin Taming scale up 14.3% per Kibble [ 100% Γ· 14.3β„… = 6.9 or 7 kibble needed ] and taming effectiveness decrease (0.3%) per kibble as before. it's take 42 minite to Tame.


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