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First you need to lead a reaper queen into a trap (place foundations on the floor if you’re planning on getting multiple). Once it is in the trap close the gate so it can’t escape. Then start hitting it with a rock drake or something that can survive the radiation zone. You should have your glow pet on so you can deal extra damage. Once the reaper starts bleeding heavily, turn off your glowpet and wait 10 seconds before attacking again. Once you’ve hit a few more times it will have a pink aura around it, this means it’s ready to impregnate. Move your rock drake somewhere out of the reapers attack range. Once you’ve moved your drake you need to get close to the reaper avoiding its tail swipe. After 1 or 2 tail swipes you need to stand in front of it and it will go on all fours and pick you up in its tail and impregnate you. Once you’re impregnated turn your glowpet back on (to keep nameless away) and go to a birthing room. The reaper wont bury if you used foundations.

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