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getting a reaper:

1) find reaper queen in purple radiation area

2) get her to about 2k hp or less, she will start to have a glow effect

3) walk up to the queen with a shield, stand right under her

4) she will impregnate you, and burrow under ground. u will be at low hp.


-You have 12 hrs to gain as much exp as you can, capping out at 75 lvls.

-Each lvll requires 700exp to be gained via killing other creatures.

- Cap out baby by killing dinos (spinos give a lot of exp)


1) Baby is aggressive to everything in baby phase. Use pheromone glands dropped from killing wild reaper queens to calm the baby and prevent it from attacking you. ( each lasts 5 min). Baby phase lasts about 8 hours

2) make sure to give birth in a separate room so baby reaper doesn’t run away. baby eats meat. light hurts baby.

3) if you feed your baby without pheromone glands it will bite you. Every bite lowers its food by 500 (feeding w/o glands not recommended)

4) Juvi+ is normal breed.

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