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Here is a tip from a guy who tamed tons of these guys. 😁

(Also known as me)

1: go to the Rockwell boss fight terminal deep in his innards in gen 2

2: Find a reaper queen, and lure it to the acid pit below his heart

3: bathe the reaper in the acid until below 2000 hp. It will glow pink now

4: Lure it out of the acid bath and let it grab you and give you the baby

5: kill a reaper in the acid pit and grab the pheromone gland

6: go kill a few spinos for Xp for the reaper. Get as many as 75 lv’s

7: wait the amount of time left, then at five to ten minutes, build a tent

8: go in the tent and eat the pheromone gland, then give birth

9: The reaper cannot get out of the tent, so you can imprint on it

10: cryo the reaper. That will instantly take it out of it’s baby form

11: feed it, then wait for your op tame to grow up

12: party over your newly claimed reaper

I hoped this helped you have a very great tame, and please up so more can see πŸ˜πŸ‘

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