Since Dododex hasn't added the raising times I will.

12 hour pregnancy

7 hour 30 minute baby stage

Total maturation time 3 days 3 hours

Total time with pregnancy 3 days 15 hours

Baby reapers eat 6 stacks of cooked meal per hour.

45 stacks should be enough to account for spoilage until it's out of baby stage.

To feed baby reapers easier make an airlocked pen and get a though full of cooked meat in your inventory 5 minutes before it hatches. Use a pheromone gland 3 minutes before birth and then claim it and stay in it's inventory. Force feed it cooked meat as it bites you since biting you makes it lose food. Then once it kills you it should collect all 60 stacks into it's inventory. Use a gland to make sure and if not feed it until gland wears off and stand on your body so the reaper eats the body.

Good luck!

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