Some thing to bring for reaper impregnating are; a magnifying glass (to check for 2k hp left), a light pet with good charge capaticy and radius, several riot shields(just in case since 2 tail swips normally breaks one), several hazsuits (only if you're dealing with her in a rad area since 1 tick of rad kills the egg) some plant z flashbombs (will try to run away if blinded when you throw it from far away) and a good drake with a bunch of nameless venom. After you've got preg make a pen 3 WALLS HIGH, it'll jump a 1 high wall, and have a small chance at jumping a 2 high wall,you dont nessesarily need reaper pheromones since when the baby's born you can just have a ton of meat in you're inventory, and let it kill you (after you've scrambled to that corner to hurry and claim it before it's wild) so it can take the inventory after that, just leave it alone since it panicks and loses food when you come by, for the levels just run down a river killing all the fish and everything around

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