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If you always want your own Baby Reaper King and raise it, here's what you'll need to do: Just find an idea to make a Reaper Queen trap. Find a Reaper Queen (recommended low level) and then lead it to your trap. When it's inside prepare a Rock Drake or Managamr (recommended Level 300+) and attack it until its health is lower than 2000. Grab some attention to the Queen and she'll sniff you and grab you with her tail and release some Symbiotes. And now if you are kind let the Queen escape. Now you are impregnated now you have a Baby Reaper! When its born, it will run hyper fast! You need to kill more Queens and eat Pheromone Gland so the baby won't eat you. The baby will run until it kills something for food. Imprint it then you have a Baby Reaper! (Ready with LOTS of food. Reapers eat a LOT)

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