Here is a good method to tame

1 build a trap similar to the trap of a giga (if you want multiple reapers u build it in stone foundations)

2 lure a queen into the trap using a fast and/or tanks mount e.g. carno

3 lock the queen in

4 lower the queen to 2000 health

5 turn your charge off and see if there is a pink glow

6a if there isn’t turn your charge back on and hit her another time repeat as many times necessary

6b if she if glowing red dismount or be on a small mount like carno or raptor Make sure your charge is off

7 wait for her to grab with her tail be warned there is a chance she will throw you instead of impregnate you

8 if you get impregnated the baby will be born in 12 hours be warned exposure to radiation will kill the baby

9 when the baby is born make sure to be in a 2x2 with a roof so the baby doesn’t escape

10 cyro the baby or use a pheromone gland to make it obey you.

11 once it is juvenile it will be the same as normal baby carnivore!

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