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I had a Pegomastax. Her name was Home Theft. She was level 243, and was the best thing to grace the ARKs. She was painfully loyal, and stole anything I told her to. Until it all went downhill...

Me and Home Theft were walking through the arctic, me mounted upon my mighty direwolf (Frenzy), and Thefty on my shoulder. Walking along, I heard a yutyrannus screeching its foul language at some dinos. I followed the sound, curious, because I had never seen a yuty. Mistakes were made. Turns out an enemy tribe was taking their fresh yuty out for a joyride. The yuty smited Frenzy in moments, stranding me and Theft. She immediately leapt into action, attacking. I pulled out my rifle, until finally the yuty and rider ran. Theft, being loyal, chased them. I whistled passive, but it was too late. She had gone. Soon enough, I got her death messsge, after returning to my base. Please, updoot and show your respects. 😢

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