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Me : (tames a parasaur and checks what gender it is)oh it’s a female!!! I’m going to find a male to breed my parasail!!!!

Me (taming a male parasaur):ahh!!after hours of search!!!I found a male!!!

(Parasaur lays fertilized egg)

Me:(putting the egg near campfire to incubate egg)

Ovi:hey man!!!

Me: oh hey there unknown dinosaur!!!never seen you before!!!

Ovi:my names oviraptor!!!

Me:oh ok nice to me eat you!!!im going to harvest some berries!!!

Ovi:oh!!!nice hobby there!!taming herbivores huh?cool!!

Me:ok bye let’s meet again someday(gone berry harvesting)

Ovi: hahahahaa!!I can’t believe I fooled a human like that!!!!time to steal his egg!!!!

Me:(comes back)oh that motherf@&₹”&₹’s gonna pay!!!!

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