Just the other day, I was in a cave with my trusty…

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Just the other day, I was in a cave with my trusty Megatherium and Pax, my otter who was keeping me warm. I made it to almost the end of the cave, the part where you have to grapple to the wall. It was too tight for my Megatherium, so I left him at the shoreline of the lake. I grappled your and heard snakes hissing and that disgusting Arthropleura noise. I loaded my shotgun and jumped off of the cliff face. I jumped a little to far because I had two snakes and a centipede hot on my trail. I rapidly fired bullets from the shotty but my armor was broken and my torpor was rising. I eventually fell unconscious. I’d only managed to kill one of the snakes, meaning Pax and I were in danger. I was 99% sure I would die, especially when I head Pax fighting the remaining snake. Then the notification appeared on my screen; Pax had killed the snake! I stil heard the clicking noice of the arthro, but I had enough time to wake up before it scrambled off of the edge of the cliff that Pax almost pushed it off. A couple bullets to the head and it was finished. I got Pax and carried down the trail, watching for any threats, but we were all alone in the chamber. I ended up getting the artifact and carrying home a little bit of knowledge with it; NEVER underestimate an otter!

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