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I had a Micro. Her name was Floof. She was epic. Tamed her while taming a Bronto. Been with me ever since. But one day...

Went into the Snow Cave (The Island). Searchinโ€™ for the Artifact. Too many Direwolves. Too many Yetis. Tooooooooo many Sabertooth Tigers!! Got killed. Yeah. Got killed. Ooh! Got killed. Got my stuff back, but Floof was dead, shouldโ€™ve been smarter, but instead I was a clown. Now I messed up, and Floof was gone, but that wasnโ€™t the end, yeah! So I got a new Micro, I got one quick, named him Floof 2, I appreciate if you read this story, it took lots of time! Thank you for the upvรถtes, itโ€™s been a lot of fun. Yeah. Floof 2. I appreciate you!!!

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