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Once me and my friend were in the swamp, we were taming a sarco, then about 2 sarco’s, 3 kapro’s, 6 mega piranha’s, leaches, and 1 more kapro,

I didn’t know what to do so i killed the kapro’s while they were drowning me, the other grabbed me so i killed it to, i started to run and looked behind me as Piranha’s were swimming after me, the sarco’s were still chasing, my friend was no where to be seen as he was collecting stuff, i just lost all my fear at that moment and sliced the sarco’s and killed one, killed the other and went on a high rock, then the shock got to me and i started shivering in fear in real life, i yell at my friend in chat “WHY! I WAS ALMOST KILLED BY DIS SWAMP WHY DID YOU NOT HELP ME!” His reply “wait wut?”....

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